About the project.

This project, aims to make wine production in Epirus a force for the development and visibility for the area through the creation of an innovative traceability system that will provide consumers with valuable information about the region, the origin of the produced wine, the production process and other characteristics such as stability, quality and hygiene.

Using IoT functionality it will be made possible to record information and data on each stage of production, monitor the overall process and being ensured that all the necessary conditions and controls are being met in order for every bottle of wine sold to be identified as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product. Data will be collected from the field and until the production phase both manually and automatically by sensors and those involved on the process, such as farmers and agriculturists. Gathered information can then play a vital role in producing better quality wines.

With the use of a dedicated mobile application, consumers will be in position to obtain information regarding the authenticity, provenance and quality of the wine, as well as be advised on what will be the appropriate way to serve it (conservation conditions, gastronomic combinations etc). Such a service will offer a competitive advantage over competition for the two wineries participating in the consortium and is expected to drive an increase on sales volumes and on customer’s loyalty.

On the wine map of Greece, vineyards of Epirus hold the 8th place among the 9 wine-growing regions with 1.1% of the total vineyard area. This is by no means consistent with the prospects and potential of the area. The wine made from the Debina, a variety that only thrives in the area of Zitsa, is characterized by the white and distinctive aroma as well as the fruity and rare for white wines durations of taste. On the basis of the above, the aim of this proposal is to place Epirus wines as an fundamental part of the high gastronomy world-wide.

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Deliverables of the project.