Terracom was founded in 1999 in Ioannina, Greece. Our vision is to develop and provide our customers with top class technology products by foreseeing their needs and to become a leader in areas that we are actively involved.

Main activities include ERP/CRM services, SMS Marketing, QR-Patrol-MyLoneWorkers, IoT and Industry 4.0 R&D. It employs 35 high-skilled professionals that are passionate about technology and innovation and excel in their respective expertise. It is also the main shareholder of Plan S.A. (www.plan.gr) a business consultancy company with great expertise in the implementation of investment programs.

Terracom has gained tremendous experience in developing software for critical applications. We serve with our solutions hundreds of clients in over 70 countries directly or through our extensive partner network. QR-Patrol PRO, a real time guard tour monitoring system, has received a grant from the EC, through SME Instrument, Horizon 2020 phase 2, to incorporate and develop various innovative features and functionalities.



Zoinos, founded in 1974 by the Agricultural Union of Ioannina and was the first organized winery in the north-west Greece. Wine-production has been recognized as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) since the year 1972. Local wine has been made known in the Greek-international market due to its special characteristics attributed to it by the rare variety Debina, Vlachiko-Bekari and the microclimate of Zitsa. The production of wine is made with innovative methods of cultivation and winemaking.


The company «LAND EUDOXIA»was founded in 2004, as a winery, with privately owned vines and in 2014 added to its production line its own, the distillery. It produces white and red wine, as well as spirits (tsipouro). As a company is aiming on producing high quality products and towards that direction has been certified with HACCP accreditation.

It has participated in numerous exhibitions, Greek and international and in 2016 at the labela packaging contest got the gold award while in 2017 in the international wine contest “wine olymp awards” had won 6 awards.

Panepistiomio Ioanninon

Chemical Department of Ioannina.

The Chemical Department of Ioannina, has an experienced team of researchers who can deal with quality assurance and hygiene of the finished product. The members of the Lab have in-depth knowledge in the chemical and microbiological analysis of wines and food products while they can ensure total quality and safety by studying organoleptic and quality characteristics.