• D 1.1: All-Round Recording Manual and Automatic Input Measurements
  • D 1.2: Technical Requirements, specifications and system architecture
  • D 1.3: Design of Wine and Fermentation Optimization Technologies
  • D 2.1: Development of the IoT platform for the automatic data collection with the use of sensors (humidity, temperature, CO2 etc.)
  • D 2.2: Real-time collection and processing of events
  • D 2.3: Development of API for interconnection with third-party applications
  • D 2.4: Development of profiling (vine-growers, wine producers, transporters, sellers, consumers, multiple levels of administration)
  • D 2.5: Research and development for the quality and hygiene of the final product, based on the collection of the data through the sensors installed on every step of the production
  • D 3.1: Lab Testing and Delivery of the Prototype
  • D 3.2: Lab Testing and Delivery of the final product
  • D 3.3: Dissemination of results (strategic planning, production of supporting material, participation in promotional activities)
  • D 3.4: Participation in trade fairs
  • D 4.1: Design and planning of the pilot
  • D 4.2: Pilot implementation
  • D 4.3: Evaluation of the pilot, including recommendations from end-users

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